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Ways to tap into and share landon’s content today.

Presenting The Heartbeat Podcast

Landon’s communication has been resonating in the marketplace for more than 50 years. Now, Heartbeat: The Podcast features short excerpts from scores of Landon’s messages — from workshops, film, speeches and radio broadcasts. Subscribe through your preferred podcast provider.

Follow Landon on Insta & Facebook

Long before today’s social media platforms, Heartbeat was a source for bite-sized encouragement, new perspective and ideas that seed joy.

Today you can tap into and share Landon’s thoughts by following @LandonBSaunders on Instagram and @rememberinglandonsaunders on Facebook

A Joyful Jumpstart to Every Week

Some days call for a jumpstart — a Joyful Jumpstart. We’ve mined 50+ years of content that will lift your spirit and focus on the things that matter most.

A Joyful Jumpstart lands in your email inbox every few days. Enjoy it, and forward the email to friends.

Tune In to Heartbeat Radio

Now you can listen to the popular Heartbeat Radio programs (originally aired on network, regional and local radio stations around the world. New content posted every Monday. Check the RADIO page for programs you missed. (And you’re invited to download programs for use offline. Just click the download arrow located in the bottome right of each audio player.)

Landon had a clear vision for Heartbeat’s future. He worked on it diligently. Following his lead, the Heartbeat Board has been busy giving Landon’s voice and the mission of Heartbeat a new platform — designed to expand the reach of a message that can reshape the marketplace. Two broad areas capture the near term efforts. 

Training for Communicators

For more than five decades Heartbeat has been developing communication that speaks to the needs of persons in the heart of the marketplace. Landon’s vision for the future includes the development of a syllabus and complete curriculum designed to train a new generation of communicators in order to meet these needs in a contemporary way.

Resources That Seed Joy

Landon wrote – “I believe joy is the deepest thing in the universe…I also believe it is the deepest thing in the human heart. Joy in a turbulent life is like the stillness of the ocean’s depth during a horrible storm…. How to be joyful – this is our task.”

Heartbeat 2.0 will continue to inspire joy.  Scroll down to see material already available. And subscribe on this site to receive timely updates.

ACU to Host

Saunders Center For Joy

and Human Flourishing

Abilene Christian University’s Brown Library has announced that it will house the Landon Saunders Center for Joy and Human Flourishing.

The Center’s mission, aligned with Landon’s vision — is to foster ongoing conversation and reflection on the primacy of joy.

“Frederick Buechner once said that losing someone is like your house burning down, it takes years to realize all that you have lost. I think that’s how it is with Landon. It’s not uncommon in the course of my day to have a thought and then realize that it was Landon who gave the idea to me 30+ years ago.”   — Larry Nelson

What's your story?

Landon had an outsized impact on his neighbors, communities and the marketplace at large. We’d love to hear your story; and we’ve created a place where these stories can be shared — the Heartbeat Community. You are invited to join the cummunity, upload your audio, video, photos or written message.

Below are a couple of recent contributions. To join the community, Click the link in the SHARE YOUR STORY section, below.

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